Tri Axle Trucking

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Ideal for smaller loads and shorter distances, the Tri Axle truck is a popular choice in more urban or suburban areas because these trucks are easier to maneuver in tight areas or down busy streets, while still hauling a lot of material.

Tri Axle trucks are used for transportation or hauling stone, sand, gravel, dirt, topsoil, concrete, asphalt, demolition debris, hazardous material, contaminated material, sludge and high moisture content materials with a special sealed gate. Usually booked on an hourly basis, Quad and Tri Axel trucks can also be contracted by the job or by the ton.


At Blue Ribbon Trucking we pride ourselves on quality and service. Our dump trucks are top-of-the-line, and receive regular maintenance and care so our customers have reliable and dependable equipment to get the job done. We understand the importance of efficiency and respect your time. We promise to only provide quality equipment and service to achieve your project goals.

  • 12 combined years of trucking experience

    12 combined years of trucking experience

  • Residential & Commercial projects

    Residential & Commercial projects

  • Superior quality service

    Superior quality service

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